Action Management, green transport management, Lyon
Action Management, green transport management, Lyon
Advocating Energy Green & Fuel Thrifty Transport
Advocating Energy Green & Fuel Thrifty Transport

Action Management ....genuine blend of EXPERIENCE and METHODOLOGY for Road Transport

Looking ahead of times !


It is now expected from every business to follow the rules of ethics, at the same time behaving with an Energy saving & environment friendly and responsible attitude !


The Transport sector  - Road Transport as the primary contributor - is by order of importance, Australia's N° 3 source of Green House Gases emissions & by all standards, a very Energy Intensive fast growing activity, using non-sustainable fossil resources.... Slowly, alternative energy - Biofuels, urban 100% Electric or Hybrid - now have to replace traditional energy use where operationnal transferability is possible !


A new era began Sept 3rd 2013, when the first 100% Electric Van arrived in Australia...


Ever since 1994, the business of Action Management is providing Services & advanced Methodology to both the Transport Operators & Industrial Shippers, using the most adapted business tools implementing a comprehensive & voluntary Energy Fuel Abatement Program.


Action Management  performs energy assessments leading to essential data extract leading to strategic decision making, at crossroads where Energy & Economy issues meet, making good business sense.


That is why Action Management can effectively help and advise you on setting up the appropriate Environment Management Program, meeting your legal obligations while achieving competitive results.


Welcome to Energy Green & to a Thrifty Road Transport World.




Solutions offered by Action Management are always highly personalized ones !

Please check our references and do not hesitate to call us : we shall be more than happy to answer all questions and document you for your important projects.



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